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A holistic therapeutic space just for you
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At Solla, our team of highly skilled counsellors are here to support you on your unique wellness journey. Our therapists are trauma informed, culturally sensitive individuals who are compassionate to your personal needs and experiences. 


Solla: (latin): "whole & unbroken".  

We chose the name Solla to represent our practice, as we believe that everyone is worthy of love, respect & healing.


Our counselling philosophy is that people want to thrive and be their authentic selves but past traumas and fears sometimes get in the way. 


The trust and safety established in the therapeutic space provides a unique opportunity to explore these patterns and heal, while developing new coping strategies for your future.


At Solla, we value:


We hold the value of wholeness at the core of our approach. We believe in addressing the complete well-being of our clients, recognizing that mental and emotional health are deeply interconnected with physical and spiritual aspects of life. Our therapists strive to provide holistic care, helping clients integrate and heal all dimensions of themselves to achieve a sense of balance and completeness.

Mental Health

Mental health is not just a component of our work; it's our passion and expertise. We are committed to destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting mental well-being for all. Our therapists are dedicated to providing evidence-based treatments and a safe, empathetic space for clients to explore their mental health challenges, develop coping strategies, and embark on a journey toward improved emotional resilience and vitality.


Authenticity is a guiding principle in our therapy clinic. We believe that true healing and growth occur when individuals embrace their genuine selves. Our therapists create an environment where clients can be open, honest, and vulnerable without judgment. We encourage authenticity as a path to self-discovery, helping clients build a stronger connection with their inner selves and fostering deeper and more meaningful relationships with others.

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