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Relationship Counselling

When things get challenging and you feel like you've hit a wall, relationship counselling can be a space to improve communication and listening skills, release resentment and bitterness, build a foundation of understanding, foster connections, and voice your needs. Areas of expertise include discussions around the following: division of labour, non-monogamy, cross cultural couples, immigrant couples, communication struggles, conflict management, misaligned expectations, resentment and breaches of trust, sex-based issues.


Our relationship counsellors have trainings in evidence based approaches such as Gottman's Method and Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples. Couples can often get caught in a habitual "dance" of repetitive conversations, behaviours, triggers and fights, even when they're aware of what's happening. What we also know is that conflict in our relationships can trigger our nervous system the same way the threat of danger can. Through your work with your counsellor, you'll learn how to slow down, manage the physiological flooding that often happens when your brain experiences a threat or fear, and instead engage your brain in a way that gives you the best possible outcome in your relational conflict. 

If you struggle with the following areas, reach out, lets get your relationship where you need it to be:



  • Communication Issues

  • Looking to strengthen your relationship

  • Infidelity concerns

  • Lack of sexual intimacy/desire discrepancies

  • Counselling for separation or divorce

  • Cross Cultural Couples 

  • Issues with division of labour


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