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Image by Ellie Ellien

Depression Counselling

Depression can sometimes become debilitating and effect our daily functions. This can manifest in the form of:



  • Loss of motivation

  • Lack of pleasure, or interest in activities

  • Feelings of grief

  • Trouble concentrating or having difficulty making decisions

  • Consistent feelings of self-blame, shame, or guilt

  • Feelings of hopelessness

  • Patterns of avoidance. 

Depression can push you into isolation and hopelessness, but you don't have to go through it alone. My approach aims to create a unique therapeutic process tailored to each client to break you out of the cycle of depression, learn new coping tools, re-energize you, and ground you in having your needs met. 


Counselling provides you with the opportunity to explore strategies so that you can finally begin feeling more connected, engaged, and enjoyment in your life. Together we'll work to understand the underlying emotions, situations and relationships that may be contributing to you feeling depressed. We may also explore how the past might be contributing to your present experience. The hallmark of depression is feeling isolated and hopeless. We will work together, side by side so that you can make your way to a life that's important and valuable to you.

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