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Image by Alyssa Strohmann

Adult Children of Immigrants Parents/Bi-Cultural Identities

Do you find yourself torn between two cultures? Unsure where you belong? Not quite fitting in with the culture of the country you've immigrated to nor the culture you've immigrated from? Feeling stuck in the "grey area" of these two spaces? 


Immigration is a challenging experience. Immigrants can struggle with the following:

  • Discrimination

  • Conflict around dating/marrying outside of your culture

  • Conflict at home due to clashes between being individualistic or collectivist

  • Struggling with the privilege of living here yet the oppression of the system

  • Feeling the loss of no longer being at “home,” 

  • Missing those in their home country

  • Language barriers

If you are experiencing some of these things our sessions will be tailored with cultural sensitivity and awareness to guide you to a place that feels right for you. Sometimes the "Western" approach to therapy can feel like a barrier to seeking support. There are so many factors that our cultures may persuade us to move through this alone. The counselling space with me will not be that, it will be inclusive, aware, and anti-oppressive. You may have inherited a vast amount of generational trauma due to the complexities of immigration, but you've likely also inherited a vast amount of resilience. It would be an honour to tap into that resilience with you.

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