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We facilitate mental health workshops to meet the unique needs of your organization. You care about the wellbeing and sustainability of your employees. Our mental health workshops provide evidence based techniques and information on how to prevent burnout and enhance trust and wellbeing in your corporate culture.  


Our workshop services are designed to be fun, interactive and informative. A perfect addition to Mental Health Week, or a regular reminder to ensure employee wellness and retention. We are here to help your organization maintain healthy corporate culture. 

We focus on providing evidence based tools and information that your company can take away and apply in their lives for sustainable change. 

Mental illness impacts 1/3 Canadians. Mental illness in the workplace is costly and damaging to both employees and employers. Workplaces that prioritize mental health benefit from enhanced creativity, effectiveness and retention. Let us partner with you and help you reach your goal of maintaining a sustainable, healthy workplace. Together, we'll foster a workplace culture that aims to sustain employee satisfaction, wellness and longevity.

Presentation topics include but are not limited to: 

  • mental health in the workplace (biopsychosocial approach)

  • sustainable self care

  • preventing burnout

  • understanding the body-brain connection and how to regulate the nervous system 

  • coping strategies for stress

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